Hey y’all

My name is Krysta and I am the creator of Homesteady Design Co and this newest venture…Homesteady Urban Farm.

I am a wife with 2 kids, one of which is fairly close to flying the coop. After almost 15 years of marriage and many attempts at me working out of the home, my husband I finally came to the conclusion that we are always happier as a family when I can tend to the home full time. He is a hard working dude and I am eternally grateful for his wonderful outlook on this.

It’s not easy. We are learning to stretch our loonies (I am a Canadian and since we don’t have pennies or dollar bills I am forced to say loonies) as far as possible. We go without things like vacations and new clothes, but in the grand scheme it’s ok. I am low maintenance and I accept the challenge with relish…and ketchup.

Where we live, in a small town, on a smallish island off the west coast of Canada, it’s quite a movement. It’s kinda the cool thing to do here. Live minimally and do things the old fashioned way. I am totally down with it too.

We own a 2 storey home on a 0.18 acre lot. (that’s only 8000sq feet) 

Right now we are trying our hardest to use every square inch to our advantage. We have lots of things on the docket but this year we put in a large greenhouse. Next is a small chicken coop. I like trying everything once. And if I can make it from scratch I will.

Thanks for checking this out and I hope you come back soon