Making Kombucha

IMG_4585Ok, so I am literally drinking Kombucha as I write this…

I have my SCOBY now what?

Whether you made your SCOBY from scratch or were lucky enough to get one from someone else, here is the next step.

The equipment needed is pretty much exactly the same.

*2-quart or larger saucepan
*Long-handled spoon (I use plastic. Even as fastidious as you might be, wood hangs onto bad bacteria)
*2-quart or larger glass jar, like a canning jar (not plastic or metal)
*Tightly woven cloth (like clean napkins or tea towels), coffee filters, or paper towels, to cover the jar. Not Cheesecloth or you will get Fruit Flies!
*Rubber band


  • 8 cups water (filtered is best or if your local tap water is high in chlorine etc. let it sit for 24 hours to dispel chemicals.)
  • 4 black tea bags or 1 flavoured, green or otherwise plus 3 black. Decaf is fine.
  • 1 Healthy SCOBY
  • 1.5 cups store bought or ready made Kombucha. Using your SCOBY liquid is ideal.
  • 1 cup white sugar


Boil 1.5-2 cups water with sugar and tea bags. Stir until all sugar has dissolved. Remove from heat and let stand with tea bags for 5-10 mins.

Remove tea bags and add remaining water to pot. Temperature should be close to room temp at this point. If you think it’s warmer allow it to cool for a bit. If it’s too hot it can kill your precious SCOBY doby doo.

Once your sweet tea has cooled add it to your clean, prepared jar.

Now pour in your SCOBY and premade Kombucha or SCOBY liquid.

Cover your jar with elastic and paper towel or cloth.

Place your jar of tea in a cupboard out of direct sunlight.

Allow to ferment for about a week. In warmer weather my ‘buch is ready by about 5 days. I open the top and give it a sniff or even use a clean straw to check. If left too long it will be vinegar.

At this point you may choose to do a second ferment. I have another jar that I use for this. I put all but about 2 cups of my fermented tea into this jar and then add fruit or ginger or a combo. I cover this with a canning lid (left a little loose) and put it away for another 2-5 days depending on the house temp. It makes a fizzier Kombucha with some great flavour combinations.

If I am impatient (which is 98% of the time) I just pour 8 cups of it into a glass juice jug and put it in the fridge to drink through out the week.


Have fun and message me if you have any questions!



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